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7 Testimonials
7 years
Michael Ellis J.P. Network Carpet Cleaning, www.networkcarpetcleaning.com.au

“My name is Michael Ellis, I am the owner of Network Carpet Cleaning, in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.

I have been in the Carpet Cleaning business for over 17 years and in that time i have lost count of ALL the different Urine, Stain/Odour removers that i have used.

None of them came anywhere near doing what the sales pitch stated they would.

I was recently introduced to a product, from Bio Natural Solutions called Wee Off.

This Product is NOT a chemical masking agent, this product actually works in removing Pet stains, be they old or new. It also removes Blood, Wine, Food, Coffee and any Organic Matter.

So impressed am i, with the results i have been getting with Wee Off, i am now on-selling it to my regular customers.”

7 years
Dr Dominic Crosby, BVSc

"We've been using Wee Off for the last 5 months and are very happy with the results. We are using the Wee Off spray in our busy boarding cattery above the hospital as well as in the hospital itself and the staff bathrooms. We are especially satisfied at how effectively it removes the urine and feces smell from the cattery"



7 years
Debora Johnson, JP

" The Rep kindly mailed me up some Wee Off as I mentioned I had eight cats and nothing previous had worked on urine patches. Wee off is amazing. Believe me with eight cats I know my stuff"


7 years
Leigh Ellwood, Leigh Ellwood ID

"... As discussed, after road testing the products ... they are amazing. The room where our two dogs sleep used to smell rancid ... and since using Wee Off it smells pleasant for the first time!!! SUPER impressive! Please let me know how I can order more ..."


7 years
Tony Kalergis, Earlwood here

" I have used your Bio Blitz on the fish stains on my boat carpet and it has eliminated them. Also the smell has gone as well. When I stay on the boat on the weekends I also use it on my dogs' accidents and in the port a loo we have on the boat. My girlfriend also tends to stay on the boat longer as it now has a nice citrus odour instead of a fishy one"


7 years
Maree May, C/o Ramsgate

“Thank you for recommending I use your product Wee Off to get rid of my cat odours.


All I had to do was spray in the areas where the cats had been and the odours were gone within a half an hour, plus it has also helped lift the stains caused by the cats.


I also used it to help lift and old coffee stain that i had in the carpet.


I am more than happy to tell all my friends about it as is eco friendly and actually works!”


7 years
Sue Delaney (Whippet breeder)

“As a breeder of Whippets 'Wee Off' was recommended as a safe product to remove stains & odour of pets and as a result I used it for the first time recently. I found it to be excellent product immediately removing the odour and the stain. As I had so much success with the product I recommended ‘Wee Off’ to my neighbour who has an elderly Labrador ‘Sooty’ who insists on spreading herself over the family couch. My neighbour used it and is extremely happy that her couch looks and smells like new again. I will certainly be recommending this excellent product to all my dog breeding friends and family alike.”


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